the Australian grains industry has recognised they need a transformative shift. we think india’s tech hub could have the answer
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Aussie grain farmers need climate-smart solutions. Fast. Have you got the next breakthrough?


Australian grain farmers have a long history of adapting to a challenging climate. Perseverance, a love of the land, and a willingness to try new approaches and technologies have helped the sector maintain steady yields despite acute challenges. Since the early 1990s, drought and other factors have caused a 27 % drop in yield rates. While tenacious problem-solving and best-practice have got industry over the line, the sector needs innovation - fast. As a leading global producer of grains such as wheat, Australia has to adapt quickly if it is to maintain steady growth and keep pace with global demand. This bilateral partner is ripe for an injection of ideas from India’s booming tech and startup ecosystem. Have you got a breakthrough that will help #feedthefuture? Bring it down under. Expand your market. Help shore-up global food security.

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Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) and FarmLink (Challenge Partners), with Beanstalk, highlight that the key priority challenges for the broadacre grains industry at large is around climate variability and adaptation. Alongside BCG and Farmland, Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has joined the Graft Aus-India program as a Lead Challenge Partner. This is an exciting opportunity to raise the profile of this program and its focus on tackling climate resilience through agricultural technology and in particular leveraging insights from AgTech scaleups that will be participating from India and Australia.

The Challenge Partners will handpick those companies of the highest likelihood to create value for industry and to scale.



  • Be given the chance to grow your Indian company into a new market and feed the future

  • Get direct-line access to local partners, industry, government and investors

  • Validate, test and scale your product

  • Structured pathway that provides opportunities to:

    • Assess market readiness for your offering in Australia

    • Localise product for the Australian market

    • Set up a local trial

    • Initiate partnerships with corporates and government



  • The company has launched a product and is generating revenue, prior investment is a plus

  • Validated and proven business and distribution model that can be translated to the Australian market

  • Willingness to invest time and resources to enter the Australian market

  • A senior member of the executive team (C-level or Founder) must be present during the in-market programming (late-September to mid-October) for a minimum of two weeks

  • Meetings should be planned in advance of the trip

  • Post-trip report to be completed within 1 month of the trip


I’m an Indian scale-up with a game changing technology for the Australian market



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