India’s booming smallplot agriculture sector needs new ideas to tackle climate-change curve balls.


Climate change has been a pervasive and rapidly growing issue all over the world, and its effects on agriculture are staggering. This is especially true in India, where over 1.3 billion people depend on a sustainable agri-food system that has been challenged by land degradation and natural disasters, namely droughts and cyclones. As climate change is projected to intensify in the future, the ability to feed a growing population while also guaranteeing nutritional security will prove to be a formidable task for India’s farmers. This critical challenge can only be solved through the use of climate-smart technologies and future-focused solutions.

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#Graft2019 is looking to Australia for an injection of fresh ideas and untried approaches to tackle India’s unique climate-related challenges. Selected companies will receive two and a half months of virtual coaching and access to information and strategies to approach the Indian agricultural industry, followed by ten days in the Indian market. While in India, your company will be facilitated in Hyderabad and other locations to learn more about specific challenges, discuss applications of your technology with industry, form partnerships with investors and government. You will receive the support, resources and introductions you need to solidify your business model, with the opportunity to network with corporates and travel across the country for client meetings. 


  • Assess market readiness of your offering

  • Localise product for the Indian market

  • Create opportunities for a local trial

  • Access to Indian market and farmers

  • Initiate partnerships with corporates and governments

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Through the program, startups will be able to create viable go-to-market strategies while gaining access to the large Indian agricultural market. 


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Program Timeline

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Criteria and Expectations of Selected Companies

  • The company has launched a product and is generating revenue, prior investment is a plus

  • Validated and proven business and distribution model that can be translated to the Indian market

  • Willingness to invest time and resources to enter the Indian market

  • A senior member of the executive team (C-level or Founder) must be present during the in-market programming (late-November to mid-December) for a minimum of two weeks

  • Meetings should be planned in advance of the trip

  • Post-trip report to be completed within 1 month of the trip


I’m an Australian startup with a game changing technology for the Indian market